Travelling abroad to fish from the UK?

Some information you will need to know since the UK left the European Union. 

You can take any bait products into Europe from the UK and you are only allowed to take in 2KG of particle. The link below gives you all the information you need.

Taking animal products, food or plants with you in the EU - Your Europe (

We at Northern Baits want to help mitigate this by offering you top quality baits delivered to your desitnation of choice in Europe. 


You can create an order from your account on the website. This is a simple process, we only ask that you make sure the desitination address is 100% correct. Below are some easy to follow instructions on changing your address 


You will need to login to your account or follow the instructions at the bottom if you do not want an account. 


once you have done this click Account on the top to access behind the scenes.

Then you will need to manage your address book! 

Next add a new address 

Now when you check out you just need to select the new address from the drop down box! 


For those without and account its VERY easy to get your bait ordered and delivered! 

  1. Fill your basket and proceed to checkout
  2. Type in your UK home address as below
  3. Uncheck the deliver to this address box 
  4. This is where the LAKE ADDRESS goes
  5. Insert your discount code (if you have one )
  6. Select payment method
  7. Checkout! 

screen 4