“With so much to choose from, how can you be sure what bait is the right one for you!?

It’s simple!
We have created these starter packs to give you a taste on your next session, so you can be informed before buying larger quantities.

Our range of boilies literally has something for every angler out there. From Nut based, to fish based, spicy to Insect based. We have got you covered.
These starter packs give you all you need.

Included in each pack you will get the following
2KG of boilie in either 16/20mm
1 x tub perfect popups
1 x tub wafters ( where applicable )
1 x tub of hookbaits
1KG power pellets
1 x bait dip.

These special packs will give you all you need to get out and start catching.

See them here: