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White Mix Creamy & Milky Particles - 1 ltr.  (PVA friendly)

White Mix Creamy & Milky Particles - 1 ltr. (PVA friendly)

This white creamy particle mix is one for all the nature reserves, park lakes and wild water anglers out there where seeds really do come into their own.
The blend is perfectly preserved in Northern Baits liquid preservative, that perfectly preserves every seed. The blend consists of white dari, sesame seeds, wheat, crushed tigers, crushed peanuts and white tigernuts with natural sugars, milk powder and a nice milky flavouring package for added attraction. These sweet seeds are absolutely perfect for tiny sticks or bagging, the seeds come in plastic air tight containers, ideal for day sessions or shorter trips.

Try adding a few ml of our organic hemp oil and the yeast and nut liquid for extra attraction. Can be used in PVA.
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