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White Fish - 4,5 kg

White Fish - 4,5 kg

Rolled with a fresh white fish meal and predigested fishmeal. This white fish meal adds a moorish taste to the bait and is low fat, along with the top quality milk powder we add to all our premium boilies the WPC90, WPC68, plus we add more than 10% concentrated liver powder.

This creamy white color fishmeal boilie has a very expensive white pepper powder within along with the high level of liver, yeast, squid + 2% mineral clay and Himalayan pink salt.

We've added the amazing white pepper essential oil. It’s very different to the legend known as 'black pepper oil'. The taste is more powerful and a lot better in our eyes.

On top of everything, we have added the amazing white fish feed stimulator which alone is 24% protein and infuses the bait with all the natural fats and oils taken from the fishmeal as a commodity for other purposes during the milling process. One of the best liquids we have and brings in loads of attraction to the bait.
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