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Ultimate Krill - Perfect Popups

Ultimate Krill - Perfect Popups

35% pure krill meal.
We have worked very hard to perfect our Pop up range over the last year. We understand the benefits when it comes to leaving a mechanically balaced pop up rig out in the lake for a days at a time. Ideally, the perfect scenario is the bait fishes the same, does not loose buoyancy and performs perfectly how you want it to..
We have perfected a range of super buoyant, match the hatch hook baits to another level.
All the hook baits have been carefully elevated with higher levels of Solubles, Liquids, Sweeteners and Oil levels to maximise there attraction profile.
Cleverly we have not just elevated the hook baits. ALL our matching pop ups have a natural taste enhancer added to slightly help to 'Put the carp on the hook bait'.
Superior buoyancy. Perfect in so many ways!
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