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Thaumatin "Talin"  - 100 ml.

Thaumatin "Talin" - 100 ml.

Thaumatin (Talin®) is a natural sweetener that has an amazing ability to enhance and modify the taste and bitterness of flavours, it provides a natural sweetness thats incredibly versatile. It is perfect for sweetening up hook baits, nuts, particle mixes, highly effective for home made pop ups and bait application.

Wild Talin is harvested from the West African rainforests. It is a low-calorie flavour modifier, a natural protein extracted from the Katemfe Fruit. Its a wonder sweetener that is adored by fish. The power of Thaumatin's taste enhancement properties have a long and distinguished legacy with regards to bait application.

Recommended dosage: 2-6 ml per kg.
Dosage can be increased for higher levels of attraction for hookbaits/popups.
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