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Sweet Fruity Feed bait - FNB - 4,5 kg.

Sweet Fruity Feed bait - FNB - 4,5 kg.

The FNB range consists of no binding ingredients, Eggs or soluble liquids, they rely more on the natural oils and attraction of the soluble powders we add. These are slightly bulked out with grains ie BIRDFOOD (small seeds and hemp) along with other cheaper raw materials than the premium range we manufacter, like LT fishmeal and the slightly lower quality milk protein powders.
The FNB is not a boilie. It looks like one, has the texture of one but they are designed to feed the fish and serve a purpose for those wanting a perfectly good boilie alternative. The carp willingly accept over short periods of time, these are a lot better than your average pellet but not as nutritionally packed as a boiles. They have a place in the carp anglers armory!
FNB are perfectly balanced. Highly digestible Carp food. Designed for a purpose, to give the Angler a cheap, yet highly effective boilied bait alternative.
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