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Starfish - 4,5 kg

Starfish - 4,5 kg

This bait is very special and not to be underestimated, the nutrition value of the starfish meal alone is very very rich with a very high protein content! What's amazing about this bait is, that its 60% starfish meal! Carp go absolutely crazy for this bait, it's very digestible and can be applied all year even when the temps drop low. It's blended with a combination of very high quality milk proteins, essential amino, vitamins, spices and Himalayan salt. This gives it one hell of a profile based on attraction and nutritional values. We don't want to say too much here because it's obviously something Northern Baits have found then sourced but we're very confident in saying we've found something very very special indeed. The finished product has undertones of citrus with a profile packed full of attraction
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