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Pure Aminol 500ml

Pure Aminol 500ml

Here at Northern Baits we've taken a lot of time developing the liquid range. It's a little 'outside of the box' and very different to what we're see in the bait world.
This pure fish hydrolysate is not only very appealing to fish its developed in a very unique way.
With a 31% protein content and 91% of the product being easily digestable by the carp it really is a perfectly balanced liquid food!
Being made from pure fish extracts, the enzymes amongst the fish hydrolyze causing the level of amimo acids to rise even more. Due to heat treatment, a low ph value and antioxidants, the liquid is very stable and very soluble in low water temps! Its a real bottle of nutrition thats not only beneficial to the fish it also attracts them and stimulates them to feed.
It's ideal for adding to basemixes, hookbait glugs, boilie hydration, pellet soaks and as a stick mix binder the list goes on!
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