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PROmino Coated Hard Hookbaits TEST BAIT

PROmino Coated Hard Hookbaits TEST BAIT

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    3 layer coated with PROmino powder, PROmino basemix and PROmino liquid and air dried between each coating. 

    We are all aware of how a boilie works today once it’s been subjected to 24 hours or more in the water the smell and attractors have all but vanished. With PROmino it’s different.
    PROmino might not look different on the outside, but it’s what’s on the inside that matters the most. When PROmino is added into the water either as a hook bait or loose feed it begins to activate and remains active for 3 or 4 days at a time. The water works by activating the fermented ingredients, with a PROmino’s smell at first hand is a little like old fermented beer with a fruity back tone to it.
    When it gets in the water and the fermented ingredients start to work, it really starts to release the attractors into the swim. Even after 3-4 days in the water it is still active and we all know how carp like it when they can get fermented food like maize, washed out baits, days old hemp and so on. They love it, it can really make them go into a feeding spell.

    We have never seen a bait this pungent and active after 3-4 days in water. Let’s get this bait tested, we can’t wait to see your results. We have smashed all waters we have tested it in, before this release and one of the side effect we have seen is unknown carp caught! We are Excited!!!!