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What is Northern Baits all about and why buy direct from the factory in Denmark?

We believe that high quality will catch more carp and to ensure that, we only use the best possible ingredients we can get in all products. 

A few examples:
1. We use more than 20% fresh antarctic krill meal in our Krillers boilies. If we used the normal krill meal the boilie would float at around 8-9% krill meal.
2. We use high quality ingredients in our boilies, both shelf life and freezer baits.
3. We follow the EU rules and write what the content are in all our products, we have nothing to hide.
4. We do not use cheap semolina, soy flour, bread crumbs etc.

Click on the product picture to open product page and see more info on each prodyct. We are all carp anglers and we simply want to make the best bait in the world. We care about the carp and how it digests the food we anglers feed them. We want them to feel comfortable and get the urge to eat more of our bait.