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Patchouli Essential Oil  - 40ml

Patchouli Essential Oil - 40ml

Essential Oils are one of the worlds most natural and powerful attractors. Proven since the early 80’s as one of the best natural attracters in Carp fishing. Extracted from flowers, resins, plants, fruit rind and bark. Inclusion levels are very low but highly detectable by the Carp!
- All our essential oils are 40ml and not 20ml.
Price if you buy: 1 piece(s)
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100% Patchouli essential oil has an almost sweet aroma. blends well with the essential oils of black pepper, lime, lemon and sweet orange
Essential oils may be used singly or mixed together to create your own blends.
100% pure and natural, No synthetic ingredients are ever added to any of Northern Baits Essential Oils.
We highly recommend a mere 2-3 drops per 500-1000gm of base.
Blend in conjunction with our pop up mix, a nature identical flavours or two and a sweetener to form the perfect pop up!

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