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Krill Bagmix - 2,5 kg

Krill Bagmix - 2,5 kg

A very attractive blend which maximises the famous Antarctic Krills attraction profile. We blend a high quality krill meal and pure krill which is complemented perfectly with a nice fresh pre-digested fishmeal, maize protein, WPC90 milk protein powder and high levels of the phenomenal Haith’s robin red.
Add our very own amino blend, crushed tigers, mussel shells, mixed pellets, koi clay and Himalayan salt with a little fenugreek powder. All providing very high nutritional value full of essential aminos, vitamins and minerals. Its main properties are based around attraction as the fish don't get to really eat the whole bag as such, the soluble substances break down fast and the other insoluble ones will get broken down within hours of application, leaving a very attractive halo of attraction around the hook bait.
The blends designed to attract and trigger a feeding response.
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