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Hydrolyzed Amino Basemix 5 kg

Hydrolyzed Amino Basemix 5 kg

Top Quality Base Mix

We have been working hard to create this range of base mixes, something a little different from the normal. We have aimed these, at the anglers who want to perfect there own baits, add there own flavours and make them totally unique.

This base mix has a High protein content, at over 35%. Once you have added your eggs and liquids this will often be over 40%. We have designed this to be used all year round.

Rolls extremely well and you can add up to 20% other ingredients without any problems.
Use 8-10 eggs per kilo base mix + the flavours and liquids you like.

Contains Pre-digested Feather Meal, Meat meal, Milk Powder, Italian Protein Durum Flour, Whey Protein Concentrate, Wheatgerm, Wheat Flour, Extruded Maize flour, Blood Plasma, Clay and Himalayan salt
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