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High Protein Crunchy Birdfood Basemix 5 kg

High Protein Crunchy Birdfood Basemix 5 kg

Top range basemix!
A superb recipe for anglers rolling boilies them self. High protein content over 35%, and after added liquids and egg it will often be more than 40%. Can be used all year round.
Rolls well and easily. Add up to 20% other ingredients without any problems.
Use 8-10 eggs per kilo base mix + the flavours and liquids you like. 
Contains Tigernut Meal, WPC, Italian protein Durum flour, Supergold 60%, Wheatgerm, wheat flour, Crushed Hemp, Red Egg Birdfood, Extruded Maize flour, Milk powder, Blood Plasma, Clay and Himalayan salt.
Price if you buy: 1 Bag(s)
33,50  EUR
Price if you buy: 10 Bag(s)
26,75  EUR
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