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BNB Basemix 4,5 kg

BNB Basemix 4,5 kg

Basemix ready to roll your own boilies. Just add eggs. It's made from a blend of crust nuts and nut meals, milk powder, casein, vanilla extract, csl liquid, fruit extracts, red egg birdfood, crushed hemp, niger seeds, yellow bird food, fermented maize protein, wpc82, wpc35, durum, essential amino acids, propolis, butyric acid, liquid coconut extract, spices, Himalayan salt, clotted cream and fresh eggs, carp love these tasty morsels, applied correctly the bait is devastating!  As the natural sugars peeks and the active ingredients starts to reach there optimum temperatures. The bait will slowly start to crystallize on the outer surface; this indicates the enzymes are highly active. You will see this as a white dust on the baits.
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