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Blue Mussel Paste - 280g

Blue Mussel Paste - 280g

This is our Rolls Royce boilie here at Northern Baits!

This bait is made from very high quality fishmeal and boasts a natural, chemical free profile, the catch results have been phenomenal across Europe! Its a very high quality bait packed full of natural Blue Lipped Mussel.

The bait is made from a blend of Lt94, predigested fishmeals, milk proteins and powders, blue mussel powder, crushed mussel shells then elevated with pure blue mussel extract, fish hydrolysate, maize protein & essential amino acids, vitamins and spices.

This highly attractive boilie is perfectly balanced yet very nutritious and benefits the carps diet. It's packed full of attraction and designed to stimulate the fish into feeding.
Price if you buy: 1 pot(s)
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