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Amino Enhancer 500ml

Amino Enhancer 500ml

We take our time when producing the perfect liquid, our Amino Enhancer is no different. We do not like to conform to the normal boundaries within carp fishing and always stay one step ahead.

This is a Flavour and taste enhancer, with added pure amino acids. Totally 100% natural and very concentrated. Chef's have used this for years and now for the first time we are using it in the carp industry. A very different smell and attraction properties like no other. We like to think this smells VERY CARPY!

Great to use all year round as a Bait Soak, Dip, Booster in PVA bags, Sticks, Ground Baits, Particles and Base Mixes.

Tip: Why not grab some of this and use along with one of our new base mixes to create something totally unique.
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