Salted Peach N´ Pepper - 4.5 kg-20mm

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Be a part of this new test...

New amazing bait version. I have tested it myself to make sure it works as I want it to. This is the first bait
we have done like this. It´s made like a freezer bait and can be used as one with ONE BIG difference, its NOT frozen and therefore all the active ingredients like the yeast are still active.

When the baits are rolled and still hot and steaming, we cover them in Himalayan rock salt to preserve it,
and this will coat them with minerals. These attractors are fast dissolving to attract carp to the area you fish. This method makes the baits super fresh and still hard enough to use in throwing sticks 100+ meters.

I have personally tested it in a very hard German gravel pit.
Most anglers blank this lake or catch very few. I fished 3 trips now, 7 nights in total and its beaten all my highest expectations.
I managed to land 29 carp with lots of the lakes biggest carp. 
For me this has been an overwhelming results, much much better than I expected.
My plan was to test this for longer, before getting your guys on the testing. But the results are just to good to not share it with you. Hop on this and help yourself and me to make this new super bait our biggest success. If this ends up as big a success as I expect it to be, we will make all our baits in a salted version as well.

If you would like to be apart of this exciting new test, why not join us. Just send an email to or DM the page with some recent images and a little about your angling. We welcome all applicants from Europe

The way it will works for now: 

The Salt will act as a natural preserve and will also harden them a little more, they withstand a throwing stick and will last up to 48 hours in the water on the hair when using 20mm.

These are Fresh, Active and because all the minerals of the Rock Salt are coated onto the baits when they are hot, its almost like a glue of attraction releasing into the water for 15-20 minutes after going in.

Some of the ingredients we have use in this bait: Himalayan Rock Salt, Supergold 60, lots of milk powders, crushed tigernuts, fermented meat protein, Brocacel yeast, fresh crushed black pepper, essential black pepper oil and more. 

Weight in kg.4.6000
Choose size20mm

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