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The CVR pattern is the ultimate aggressive curved shank hook. The mechanics of this pattern ensure that it twists the instant that the hook bait is mouthed by a browsing carp. Naturally, the hook holds with this pattern are nothing short of amazing!
Super sharp long tapered chemically etched point ensures these hooks take hold immediately. • The angle of draw between the in-turned eye and straight point pulls the hook cleanly home. • A medium curved shank, wide gape and non reverse bend. Awesome with the Ronnie Rig. • 20° in-turned eye ensures optimum performance with soft hook links. • CVR Rigga hooks are available in either barbless or micro barbed format. • Dull PTFE Coating protects the metal from corrosion, aids penetration, reduces glare and aids camouflage. • Manufactured in Japan from the finest double tempered, forged high carbon steel.

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10 hooks per pack
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The Rigga hook project was initiated in 2013 with the ultimate aim to bring two brand new hook patterns to the highly discerning ‘carp’ hook market. The project brought together decades of in-house hook design experience - to arrive at two new patterns that we felt would complement the hugely popular Covert Dark hook range, without necessarily superseding existing legendary patterns. After long term rigorous testing the radical / aggressive curved shank ‘CVR’ pattern was approved after phenomenal results on a number of waters, as was the extremely strong, super sharp and reliable beaked point ‘BCR’ Chod hook pattern. The elongated points, micro barbs and extra strong double tempered forged high carbon steel used across the hook range means that they are suitable for all types of carp angling both in the UK and large continental waters whatever approach the angler is using.


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