We are proud to use only natural ingredients in our boilie mixes and in doing this may cause our bait colours to vary ever so slightly from time to time.
They contain very large percentages of protein meals like LT94 fishmeal, fermented meat flour (no cheap feather meal)
and because the raw ingredients can change so will our baits.
Rest assured this is natural and not changes we make
The picture shows the same boilie on both sides, same recipe, different time of the year.

How can we sell top quality bait at such low prices?

It's quite simple.
You are buying directly from the manufacturer, this allows you (the customer) to buy at lower price.
This allows us to make a higher quality and a more expensive bait, but at the same time you as the customer get it cheaper.

Price example of boilies in the market today.
A retailer buys a kg of boilie for lets say = 5€.
The retailer will as a minimum doubled the price, so now it’s 10€ + VAT = 11-12€
This is usually the price you see high quality baits at.
So the price alone has nothing to do with the quality, it is about the how many links that lie between you as a customer and the producer of the boilie.
Here on northernbaits.com we cut out all the links and passing the savings directly on to you.