POP-UP FOAM 6mm x 50cm

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A range of open cell, super buoyant foams that are useful for many coarse, carp and sea angling situations.
Small pieces can be cut off and trimmed to use on Zig Rigs or for balancing hooks and baits, making pop-ups, etc. Another very popular application of this foam is the balancing of dead baits when pike or catfishing.
Simply adding a piece of Red Pop-Up foam adds both buoyancy (to assist presentation) and colour that stimulates the pikes predatory instincts.
Many knowledgeable European surf anglers are using small 1cm pieces to add buoyancy and natural movement to their baits, calling this the ‘Hunter Rig’.
Sizes and types available: White, Black, Red and Yellow 6mm diameter x 50cm length Pop–Up Foam in packs of 1.

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1 x 50cm per packet.


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