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Come to Parco Del Brenta in 2015 or 2016 with Northern Baits. You can book your trip here:

Antonio (Lake Owner) in Italy have Northern Baits products in his shop in Italy, so it will be possible to buy all our bait/pellets/liquids direct with him in Italy.

Price per angler for the fishing is 3.495 DKK (or about 4200 NOK, or 4400 SEK)

There will be a maximum of 12-14 anglers on the lake at the same time, depending on how many single swim anglers there is booked. We have the lake 100% for our self and therefor boat and baitboat are alloved to use. (Normally there are 25-30 anglers on the lake, thats why our price is higher than normal prices.)

Dates in 2015:

Week 1: From 17 - 24 May (sold out)
Week 2: From 13 - 20 September (sold out)
Week 3: From 20 - 27 September (sold out)
Week 4: From 01 to 08/11 (sold out)

Dates in 2016:

Week 1: From 9 April - 16 April (sold out)
Week 2: From 16 April - 23 April (sold out)
Week 3: From 30 April - 7 May (sold out)
Week 6: From 17 September - 24 September

Northern Baits have the sole rights for the fishing trips from Scandinavia to Parco Del Brenta, Italy.

See more about the lake on the official homepage: or on Facebook