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Why join Northern Baits and NB PRO TACKLE

First of all. This years test bait:

This bait will be one of the most important things ever happened in your carpfishing…..

The SPROcoco test bait 2022. We let Brian explain a little about this special bait; This years test bait is something very different from what I have done before and also much more expensive, for a reason… Look at it like this. If you take a top bait and add yeast to it. That bait will be a little better. If you add squid powder to it, again a little better, add liver powder = better… the list goes on and on. With this bait, I have added all those ingredients and then some. I wanted to make a firm and strong bait for everybody to use in all conditions, but still super attractive and effective and white! It’s VERY difficult to make a high attract, HNV bait and at the same time make it white. After making lots of small test and even more thinking, it was possible, but also very expensive to do. This bait is packed with some of the bait world’s best and most effective attractors at all times. Things like Brocacel yeast, Hydrolysed Liver powder, Squid Extracts, Crushed Hemp, Pre-digested fishmeal, Vanilla extracts, lots of spices, 3 different milk proteins, peanut extract, N-Butyric Acid, Black Pepper Essential Oil, Coconut taste enhancer, Sweeteners, Vanillin, Caramel powder, Scopex, Liquid nut extracts, Liquid amino compound and flavours. The bait has a sweet taste at first, but then the heat from the spices kicks in, the smell has a rounded creamy coconut flavour to it. Now we are more than halfway through 2022 and so many big carp has been landed, PBs everywhere and many competitions won plus a lot of 2. 3 places. Its already a legend bait in Europe, growing fast in sales every day. The bait is very expensive to produce and for that reason we also have other baits to test, so all testers can test products and don’t have to test this bait only.

As a tester with us, we offer you a discount of 40% on all bait and NB PRO Tackle + access to test products.


All we ask from you as a fieldtesters, is loyalty to the brand and spread the work. Go fishing and test the baits we use all our time to make perfect.

We love to get your reports in, but its not something we demand you to, as other companies do. We want catch pictures of anglers wanting to share it with us and the rest of Europe. The most important part for us, is that you use the bait and spread the word. 

We have dedicated team mangers for many countries in Europe and they are here to help you, advise you and get the best from you.

If you dont know who they are, send Brian an email he will then help you get in touch with the right person. 


 Sign up by clicking here

This will take you to the sign up page on the exclusive fieldtester part of the website.

After you are received your welcome email, you can sign in on the fieldtester page to get on the new test baits. Reporting on your catches is done by email, these go straight to Brian and Charlotte in the head office in Denmark, one of them will get in touch with you and make sure your report will be posted to more than 75.000 anglers accross our social media!

Send your report to

Follow us on Instagram to see how many big carp banked everyday. #northernbaitseurope


Check out some of the photos below from our team members to give you an idea of the quality we would like to see.

When you sign up for our fieldtester program, you also agree to receive news and marketing from us. It is necessary for us to be able to inform you about new products and so on.



Sponsorship/free bait?

Why we do not provide free clothes or bait etc.

We are not in favor of tying fishermen up on contracts and minimum number of catch reports, etc. per year. We are of the belief that fishing is a hobby and something to be enjoyed, it should not be a job. If you want to take pictures and send us catch reports, we are happy for you. But there are no demands from our side, and we can see this way works. We receive about 25-30 reports a day, year-round. All are true stories from anglers wanting to share and not something they HAVE TO DO..

So sorry if you are looking for free sponsorship then we are not the right place.