How it works at Northern Baits

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Here at Northern Baits we want you to be apart of our adventure as much as we do yours! We offer our Team members exclusive benefits when you join us.

We accept all anglers or all abilities we don't discriminate just because you have only just started out on your carping journey.

  • We are here to help you progress, choose the best baits and produce the best photos of your catches. Becoming a team member is easy with us.
  • We offer you a massive welcome discount of 40%, this can grow with your time here, the more you put in then the more you get out.
  • All we ask from our team members is Loyalty to the brand, regular catch reports and promotional sharing across all our Social Media channels. This is very important to your role with us in the team.
  • We have dedicated team mangers for your Country and they are here to help you, advise you and get the best from you. Don't be afraid to ask them. 

 Being part of the Northern Baits team is like being part of the family! We value you all and want to make your journey with us as productive as we can. 

 To get started with us you will need to register for an account by clicking here - This will take you to the exclusive Field Tester part of the website where you can access all your exclusive content and really begin your journey with us.


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Now, once you've been accepted into the Northern Baits family you will recieve your discount code and you are ready to order. You will then be added to one of the team groups for the Country you are in, make sure you drop and email to with all your information and Jason, our Social Media Manager can make sure you are in the right group and have the best start you need.

Reporting on your catches is done by email, these go straight to Jason and as long as they meet our criteria they will be posted on our main Northern Baits Facebook page where you can be seen by over 20K people! This is why we need your images and product shots to be just perfect! Email all your catches, product shots, scenic shots to

Check out some of the photos below from our team members to give you an idea of the quality we demand when we consider our posts on Social Media, but don't worry we will help you get to this level! We just really like CLEAN and SHARP photos here at Northern Baits!

When you sign up for our fieldtester program, you also agree to receive news and marketing from us. It is necessary for us to be able to inform about news, etc.

Yannick from our Benelux Team  libert 202107_161353

We look forward to hearing and seeing your results, tight lines from us all at Northern Baits