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The legendary Mugga hook is now available with a beautifully hand sharpened, long tapered point. Each hook has been individually honed by the country’s leading hook sharpening expert Jason Hayward of Specialist Sharpened Hooks.

The re-profiled/honed hook point on each of these Specialist Sharpened Mugga hooks optimises rig and hooking efficiency at several key levels. From pricking and the way the hook takes a secure initial hold, to the critical manner in which the hook penetrates fully, cleanly and quickly, to offer the best possible hook holds without giving the fish opportunity to shake the hook out.

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10 hooks per pack

If you’re dedicating a huge amount of effort, time and money for a dream big fish or targeting particularly tricky carp, then these very special hooks will certainly make a difference to long term results when used correctly.
It’s simply the case that you’re gaining another few percent in trying to attain the absolute highest possible efficiency in your angling. Without doubt the enhanced hook points offer a discernible edge.
Gardner Specialist Sharpened Covert Dark Mugga hooks feature:
A matt electro-plated finish (*plating has been removed from point area during sharpening). The honing process produces an incredibly sharp, long tapered straight point. ‘Specialist Sharpened’ Mugga hooks are supplied with point protectors to ensure they arrive to you in pristine condition.
Mugga Hooks are manufactured from forged, double tempered, high carbon steel wire for strength. Manufactured in Japan from the finest extra strong double tempered, forged, high carbon steel wire. Short curved shank and 25˚ in-turned eye.
Micro Barb.
Specialist Sharpened Covert Dark Mugga Hooks are available in sizes 4 and 6 Barbed only.


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