Free delivery for 6 month

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This is a spceial offer for our loyal customers who, like us, think delivery is too expensive.

We can now offer a cheaper and better solution to you as a loyal costumer.

Our idea with this is, to give something back to our loyal customers, without losing to much ourselves.



What do you get?

Free delivery on all orders over 40€ ex. vat

Priority packing and faster delivery.

Special offers, only for members.

You will receive a personal code to use for this.


(This is not for trade accounts)

UK anglers. Yes you can also get free delivery, but free delivery will only work on orders over 160€ because of the UK custom rules. Its not possible to send orders under 160€ into UK unless you are import approved + have a vaild VAT number. Orders over 160€ to private persons are no problem.

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Delivery in Europe -freight rates
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