CC7 The Kraker - 4kg (salted with no preservatives)

Specialpris 28,15 €
Pris: 45,71 €

Delivered direct to your chosen address or venue you are fishing inside EU.
(have to have a person to receive the delivery)
Special production for Continental Carpin clients only. Formulated to work in pressured water in France and other pay lakes in Europe.
Sweet nutty bait, with a hint of scopex and cream.

Super quality for a very special price. 
Can be used all year.  Delivered in 4kg bags. 

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Delivery in Europe -freight rates
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What’s the reasoning behind Salted Baits? Let us give you a brief overview.

We have always used the finest Himalayan Rock Salt we can get our hands on, we are now using this to preserve these baits. RIGHT after we roll them. The Himalayan Salt will act as a natural preserve, hardening the baits a little whilst also making them withstand some abuse when using a throwing stick. They also last longer underwater where you need the reliability the most, we have tested the 20mm to withstand more than 48 hours. There is much more preparation when we produce these baits and this is reflected within the price. It’s a very time consuming process to make sure these arrive at your door in the way we intended.  
These are Fresh, Active and produced with NO preservatives (as with freezer baits, just better) One of the reasons is because all the minerals from the Rock Salt become coated onto the baits when they are hot, its almost like a glue of attraction releasing into the water for 15-20 minutes after going in.
This gives you another level of attraction.


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