I want to share this guide for jumping fishing and with this I will explain and share how I prepare for this beautiful season in carpfishing.

With this guide and tactics I hope that I can help people with putting more carp on the bank, so let's get started!
Quickly what I use in this guide: 
- Boilies I love the 16mms Peach and pepper, BNB and Milky Scopex
- pop ups: 15mm NB1,2,3,4. Also love pineapple and twisted peach/coconut
- liquid food: Peach and pepper is very nice and has a fruity and attractive smell also BNB smells good
- behind the mix: for this I use or Milky Amino or BNB behind the mix. Also the new Nut Cloud Mix can work very well for this
- wafters: Peach and Pepper, Milky Amino Scopex, 16mm
First of all I want to talk about rigs and hookbaits I like to use early to mid spring (months march untill and with May).
I learned that carp who come out of the cold winter period need to be triggered more than they need to be in summer to snare a bite, they are just getting started again with feeding a little more so they need an extra push to take the bait! For this reason my go to hookbaits for jumps are bright and attractive hookbaits that are very visual for carp.
Colorwise I love white, orange, yellow and pink. 
P_20220217_161847 (1)
Fishing pop ups (10-15mm) I like to use the spinner rich. This rig is constructed very easy, works very effective and can be used on debris without having a weird laying on the lakebed. On top of this it resets itself and doesn't tangle often at all. With this combination of qualities you can leave this rich out with full confidence.
I construct this rig using any kind of semi-stiff hooklink material and curve shank type of hook. Mugga's from gardner or claw hooks from nash are perfect for this. The hook is attached to a spinner swivel. The bait is attached on bait screw on the hook with a hookbead for leaving it in place. For finishing the rig you place some putty on the knot to balance the boyancy of the pop up. Your hooklink should lay flat and the hook will stand up, this way your pop up is laying over any debris.
P_20220217_161447 (1)
As far as baiting goes I prepare my bait (boilies and pellets) to be as attractive as possible. For this I use liquids and bake mixes/crushed boulies. First step I place some boulies in a bucket and put liquid on top of it (for this liquid food from northern is perfect). After I married it a good shake I add some behind mix and shake this. If you let this dray for more or less a week the bag mix will stick to your baits. In the water thid is given loads of attraction. The liquid and bag mix will slowly come free and provide attraction in all water columns.
P_20220217_163955 (1)
Important in jumping, especially early jump is to mention that you don't need a lot of bait. If I fish instant sessions I just scatter 2 or 3 handfulls of bait around each mess, fishing an attractive pop up on top is in total more than enough to make a bite happen and get a one toner on your bite alarm! I think this is the biggest mistake people make, they overfeed carp when they're actually not in a feeding mood yet! So keep an eye on this!
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Going in to middle to late jumps May and June I tend to start swapping over two wafters instead of pop ups. This because fish are hammered with bright baits that fishing a more match to hatch approach usually starting promotion to be more effective around this period in the year. I fish wafters on the same rigs as my pop ups, so very simple and easy! A wafter is a bottom bait with is slightly lighter. Your hook will lay flat on the lakebed with the wafter floating on top of is this hook, perfect camouflage and the bait with the hook flies in the fishes mouth! Nailed!
Also you can use more bait when temperatures rise.
For me up to 1kg on each rod! 
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Good luck with your spring fishing and stay tuned for my guide on fishing in the summer!