A slow session given the strange weather conditions and the very low night temperatures the last few days.
As soon as I arrived at the lake, I walked around the lake and looked closely for any activity from fish.
After some time, I decided to opt for a light and precise but very attractive baiting with a mix of milky amino bag mix, BNB power pellet (only a few) and the amazing yellow honey blend. I mixed it all with BNB liquid ot make sure the attracting was 110%. I chose to use these products, because I think they are super attractive and together makes a superb mix of particles and attractors in the water. I always prepare it 48 hours before fishing, to make sure the mix of all the various flavors are done well and I think the carp can sense this from long distances.
Many times you arrive at the lake and think that since spring has begun, you can overdo it with baiting, I think that is wrong!
You must always be aware of the conditions of the lake, the weather, water temperature and ESPECIALLY the fishing pressure of the previous days otherwise you risk never see any fish banked!
The first day I dedicated my time to choose the right spots and understanding the behavior and movement of the fish. 
From day two, I started to get the results I wanted, thanks to the excellent BNB mix I made, it attracted the fish without filling them to fast. Do not bait too much, for me its always about choosing the right products and as many times before, it made the difference this time too.
When I saw that the results were coming and the fish was on the bank, the fun had begun!
I always choose to fish with a "stolking" rod just outside the baited area, this is because I think the big fish tends to be more wary and avoid areas that are crowded with other and often smaller fish. I think the bigger carp prefers a bait with a single stick or pva bag with a single hookbait. Just one mouthful.
This amazing 25kgs carp fell for a dumbell
Milky Amino Scopex Perfect Popups - 12x16mm