Hello my name is stefan jacobs, I am 40 years old and I live in Limburg Belgium.
Am a carp angler through and through, mainly fishing in recent years on lakes at home and in france.
Several sessions are planned annually in France on paylakes, small and large and from easy to very difficult.
fish for several years now with the great products from northernbaits.
In the past I have fished with different brands of bollies for different types of waters, from canal to syndicate lakes, paylakes at home and abroad.
But since I fish with northernbaits with their exceptionally large and varied range.
I have been able to achieve many beautiful sessions and catches. In those few years I have been able to break my PB several times, even on very difficult waters these can certainly make the difference.
I recommend that everyone take a look and test our range.
Here are some nice catch photos.