My name is Robin van der Slot, i'm 35 years old and live in the Netherlands. I'm part of the Northern Baits Benelux team and i'm very happy to use those lovely products. I'm fishing on carp since 2000. I love fishing at big public lakes at France. In the Netherlands i'm active at dressage waters and canals. Fishing with the products of Northern Baits give me a lot of confendence and bring me a lot of carp. My favorite boilie is the BNB and the Peach and Pepper. And i don't hecitate to make a combination of both. Sometimes i give my boilies some extra attraction with the liquids that we have in the range. All type of boilies are very nice and make a difference between catching or blanking. All the pellets, pop ups and wafters are from high quallity. I'm blessed that i meet Northern Baits and give it a try to my fishing. Thanks a lot for the beeing party of the Northern family!



Robin van der Castle