Winter 2020/2021 in the river!

 Hello everybody!!
 In a season characterized by frequent rainfall and considerable temperature changes, the fundamental factor was to make the most of those short time windows in which the river waters were favorable for fishing.  The channel where I fish is characterized by a strong current and does not have a large riverbed;  it is therefore necessary to pay particular attention to the water level.
 I focused on a stretch of the river where I can get fishing in the shortest possible time and with minimal equipment.
 The baiting took place only in the days preceding the session and never in large quantities;  a maximum of 1 kg of blue mussel and bnb distributed in the precise launch points.
 Fishing was concentrated only in the central 4/5 hours of the day;  time coinciding with that of the moment of baiting.
 The preparation of the equipment and terminals combined with the constant search for signals by the river were the key to obtaining results.
 The 2 biggest fish were caught on cloudy days.  My opinion is that the change in pressure had a positive effect.
Here are some of the catches made.

See you on the banks!! ???? Giacomo M.


image9 image8



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