PVA sticks without PVA.........


Some will now ask themselves the question how does it work?


Yes, you read that right PVA Sticks without the use of PVA Mesh



In this slightly longer update I would like to explain this trick or tip if you like.


A few years ago I ordered a strange plastic tube with a metal pin on an English website. At that time it cost about 20€, it was explained in a great video what you can do with it, I just thought I would try it out.

To be honest, when the part finally arrived I was a bit dissapointed.

I tried around for a while but it didn't really work like in the video, my sticks were either too wet or too dry, they broke as soon as I pushed them out or didn't withstand the preasure when thrown.

After what felt like the 50th time, I realized that it wasn't my fault, it was the consistency of the mixture and the perfect moisture content of the mix itself.


There really is no limit to the imagination.

You can incorporate all colored tastes, substances, flavor liquids.


But the most important points to keep in mind are:

  • Don't use too big components, like pellets.
  • You need to have enough compression in your hand to compress the stick.
  • I prefer to let the flour used through a sieve and only add a few coarse particles to the mix. I would soak this in advance for at least 12 hours in the choosen liquids.

My recipe:


This variant has always worked well for me!!!

50% base mix

50% bag mix in my case BNB and PROMINO or INSECT Bagmix

Use 150g of each. That makes about 35-40 sticks depending on how long you make them.

30g/ml of an Attractor like Cherry Amino, BNB Liquid, Blue Mussel Powder, BNB Powder, Chilli, Belachan whatever you want.

150ml Pure Aminol or water.



You cann also use Amino Bait Enhancer as well as Krill Extract Liquid, Pure Liver Liquid, BNB Dip.

Tigernut Juice is also excellent.



With the mix itself, it should be noted that all components are really well mixed and that all coarse components are moistened.


However, it is important to ensure that the mix is ​​not too wet, and not too dry either. It should just about hold its shape when you squeeze it with your hand but also crumble when you press on it.


The rest is pretty simple and takes up most of your time because unfortunately it doesn't go that fast because you can only do one stick at a time. If you want to have different varieties, a few hours of work quickly elapsed.


I let my sticks dry completely over several days, so I have no problem with storage and they easily last in a can.



I also added salt for the flavour enhancer and for preservation and per mix 7 ml glycerine for the consistency of course you can use fish oils, peach & orange oil whatever you have in mind.



If anyone needs help or has additional questions, feel free to contact me via social media.

I'm happy to help anyone.