Hello everyone !!! I come to you to share with you a session in a communal water body with a lot of fishing pressure. During this session the observation and the sounding were very important to allow me to make the difference on the other fishermen. 

A session carried out with spoding on a pebble task found with a marker with a precise priming based on BNB in ​​20 millimeters (whole and crushed) as well as tiger nuts and then all topped with BNB oil for optimal diffusion, this will have done the trick.

The fish will not have been able to resist for long against the yellow BNB wafter which are for me a real jewel and the famous BNB hardhook baits in 20 millimeters which are so desired by the carp.

This will have allowed me to catch a good quantity of fish including this beautiful fish of almost 20 kilos and will above all have allowed me to stand out against the many fishermen who unfortunately for them will not all have found the right compromise for their sessions.
It was a pleasure to share this session with you and see you soon for other news. Kevin Carpfishing.