I lived friday 13th august one of the best day of my life, catching this amazing 30 kgs mirror carp, let me tell you the story of this wonderful fish


We are friday 13 august, i m fishing from tuesday 10th in a 8ha gravel pit in France that i know, i think... no carp between 10th and 13th, only breams, catfish, tenches, i never had this scénario on that spot before something was about to happend...


My baits was peach n pepper boilies, with one snowman of regular with twisted peach pop up, a 15mm wafter and a 20mm salted boilie, for me a really fruit / sweet profile i ll have always some peach n pepper boilies with me anywhere and anytime i ll go fishing, you have to have them with you ????


I put some mixed NB pellets with hemp oil and liver liquid, little particules full of oil and, i hope will attract some carp, dropped with my anatec baitboat along the waterlilies and dead wood on the other edge in front of me. The brakes of my reels are just opened a little, to avoid the fish to get stuck in these traps 


It was 12h40 the 13th i was fishing perches with little lure on a small rod to have fun,  they were very active,  sun was heavy it was hot. Big run with the 15mm wafter, seems to be something very heavy at the beginning, strong fight i never saw the fish for 25 minutes then i finally saw it... what an amazing fish i can t miss this one, a 25+ for sure ???? 


I decided to go in the water to my knees to cross the waterlilies on my edge, i don t want this carp to be stucked just under my feet or my line to break, now that i saw this fish i don t want to take any risk


It finally went into the net, this fish is incredible, the biggest of my life for sure, very impressive fish i m so happy, i called my best friend immediatly to come and see this huge fish, he will take pictures too i want some great pictures for this fish


This massive mirror was exactly 30,00 kgs, my last biggest was 23.8 kgs in "Lac des vieilles forges" in France, i m in a dream


Never in my carpfisher life i imagined to catch a so huge carp, one of the best day in my life for sure. Now it will be very difficult to break this weight again


Have a nice day and keep on going fishing as often as you can, we sometimes live some moments like these ????????