Dear customer


Before we go to the more serious stuff...

I would like to say welcome and thank you to all the many new customers who come to us every single daylaughing


It is an exquisite pleasure for me to follow the catches from all of you. Thank you for the many catch reports that comes in daily!

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Now to the more serious stuff...


As you might have seen in our shop, we have had to increase prices on most products this winter and again in February/March.

The current raw materials market is very extreme. The bait industry has never experienced anything like this. Lots of our ingredient prices started to rise early 2021 and because of Brexit and the corona pandemic.

Take for example cardboard boxes and other packaging material we use, to deliver your order safely to your doorstep, has doubled in price. Some of the ingredients we use in our boilie production have tripled in price. These are just a few examples...


The chaotic and fluctuating demand on the world market and the ability of many producers to make a production work optimally, is a major cause of these price increases as well. We all hopped the market would slowly normalize when the worst of the corona pandemic was over. But then the terrible war started in Ukraine and with both these countries playing a very large part in exporting ingredients for many industries, its just gotten worse and worse.


Take Maize and Wheat for example, this has doubled in price within a week, and that has happened to lots of other raw materials like oils. Because there is an extreme shortage on vegetable oil in the market, other oils have become very expensive because of that.


Then add the issues with gas and electricity prices. This has a direct effect on the production cost of everything. The cost to make a kilo of boilie is more than double now, compared to 6 months ago. And to make things even worse, transport cost is going up almost daily.

It is also becoming increasingly difficult to get the ingredients we need, so please be aware more products will be out of stock, compared to “normal”.


We ask you to take this into account as much as possible and to order well in advance. We understand this is not good news, but unfortunately, we must pass on some of these costs to you as a customer.


Let's hope for the people of Ukraine that this war will end soon, and we all can get back to "normal" sometime soon.


Thank you in advance for your understanding!


Yours sincerely


Brian Westergaard