Enrico keeps catching big carps!
It is known that the period when carp spawn is not easy for fishing. The fish is more interested in reproduction than in feeding, this does not mean that you should not try because a bait placed in the right position can give BIG results.
The weather in Italy this year brought high temperatures already in the month of April which is why the fish started breeding early. I approached my session with the knowledge that it was not going to be easy, so I knew I had to adopt a different strategy. In the period of spawning, the fish prefers shallow waters that favor reproduction and obstacles that can offer more tranquility from the pressure of fishing. Luckily my hot spots had both of the things I was looking for.
As already said before, since the fish is not so much interested in food, it is necessary to offer them something special. I always prepare the mix 48 hours before fishing, so the flavors mix well. I prepared a method mix with BNB Bagmix, BNB boilies and soaked with peach & orange oil from our NORTHERN BAITS, plus a little corn pellets and BNB pellets. This mix contains high quality and digestibility that I have caught many fish with for a long time now. including this wonderful specimen. A 25 kg mirror carp caught on a 10 mm BNB pop up.
Regards Enrico Saccoman