On the one Hand you can now calmly fish for the BIG Fish in a body of Water,
on the other hand we have to contend with other factors.
The fish is not that active anymore, which means that location is a very important factor for us.
Better to spend more time on this point.
Of course there are also positive aspects to this time of year,
the fishing pressure is often much less than in previous months.
And in like to make use of this aspect, the fish no longer react so suspiciously to lines, baits, and our rig's.
They also often pick up the bait.carelessly.
However, in Winter the waters in my Region often become very clear and transparent.
For me, that means I have to adapt my rigs and bait to the respective underwater Situation.
I'm a friend of Kombi RIg's and washed out baits.
However, I use the rigs a little differently than you can see in the picture,
andreas picture 2
I often have the stiff part in the front right next to the hook and the soft braid party, behind it.
Actually completely different than what you actually know from the magazines.
But i also like to use a slightly longer piece of shrink tube.
andreas picture 3
To artificially lengthen the Hook. Just to make it spin better in the mouth.
When it comes to my baits, I actually prefer to use them with a decent fat and protein content in the winter.
I like to let them wash out in a mixture of lakewater, Tigernut Juice and some liquid.
for 36 Hours.
andreas picture 1
So that even the most cautions carp don't become suspicios, they look like if they have been in the water for 2-3 days,
but still taste quite good thanks to the mixture.
Of course you can work with single Hookbaits and small attractive baits in the winter, but there are relatively many Roach, Tench &Bream in my waters
from Andreas from Team Austria