Everyone knows the legend Terry Hearn, and most of you will probably immediately associate this Name with ''The Source'' Boilie.

And this is exactly the direction it will take this time. Everyone knows that intense spicy smell of lovage just one of many unknown ingredients in this Bait. But what has always fascinated me about this Bait was exactly this scent. But I wanted to have my own creation of it. Which is more similar to the umami Taste.

Tastiness is referred to as umami. The perfect balance between sweet, sour, salty, spicy and hot. Exactly this balance I wanted to have in my boilie.

I'm a fan of our PROMINO boilies, I also like using the right hookbaits for my fishing.

I really like these coated hookbaits. I think the mix of hookbait and coat is really great.

I've been wondering how to get a crust like this around my version. When the new Amino Bait Enhancer was recently added to the shop, I knew it would be. Otherwise, I always like to use Aminol for such coatings.


Now to my recipe, I call this creation: Sweet Red Coated PROMINO.

1 egg mix:

170g Promino base mix

30g Haith's Robin Red

46g Attractor Powder (Milk Protein)

50g Cork dust fine

7ml Sweet Plum Flavor

10 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

25ml Maggi seasoning

1 teaspoon of curry powder

1 teaspoon of salt

100ml Amino Bait Enhancer or Aminol


Step 1:

I weigh all the dry ingredients and put them in a large volume bowl and mix them thoroughly.

My project (5)

Step 2:

Measure out all liquid components.

I always put this in a measuring cup to be able to mix it more easily with the mixer afterwards, when this step is done I add the egg to the liquid mix. And mix everything again.

My project (6)

Step 3:

Now I can stir and knead the liquid components into the dry mass.

it is perfect when the dough is no longer sticky but still has a smooth consistency.

My project (7)


Step 4 :

I put the finished dough in a normal freezer bag and put it closed in the fridge for about 45 minutes to let the dough rest and soak.

My project (8)


Step 5:

Now we can process the dough further and roll it out in the desired sizes.

The entire mix now weighs about 1 kg, I always unroll my hookbaits by hand because I use sizes between 24 + 32mm and this is faster by hand. this results in about 60 hookbaits.

My project (9)


Step 6:

You can now steam or boil the bait.

For 24mm I would let them cook for about 3-5 min

My project (10)

When steaming 24mm baits, the process takes a little longer, around 15-18 minutes.

I always steam my bait in a commercial vegetable steamer from an electrical supply store.


Step 7:

After the cooking process, I continue to process the warm boilies immediately. I soak these in a bowl with some Aminol or Amino Bait Enhancer. The liquid is immediately perfectly absorbed by the still warm boilie because the pores of the bait are still open.

You now perfectly saturated boilie are ready for the next step.

My project (11)


Step 8:

I now sprinkle the coating, the still wetted bait, with some mix, you should make sure in step 7 that you don't use too much liquid otherwise most of the mix will stick in the bowl and you won't get a great coating.

My project (12)


Step 9:

I now let my hookbaits dry for 3 - 5 days and later fill them in empty cans. Add about 100g of salt per can for preservation. 

My project (13)

So they are durable over the whole session. And convenient to use.