Baitboat - NB PRO Camo

261,80 €

Light weight baitboat for smaller lakes and canals.

Use this to get close to a fallen tree, under the trees along the bank or around corners, under a bridge, etc. It is super easy to use, sails fast and can easily hold 500-600+ grams of feed + a full pva bag with tackle. This boat is available in many versions and qualities online. This is the best possible version with 2 batteries. The cheaper variants you can find only have one battery and do not work so well.
Don't expect a €2000 boat. You don't get that, but you get something that works, is easy to use and sails for a long time, plus weighs only 2.6kg incl. the batteries and the carry bag.

2 batteries, 5200mAh battery 2 hours + 10400mAh battery 3-4 hours.
Carry bag.

Remote control.

USB battery charger

Range max 500m, but we say max 300-400m. No need to go 500m with a small lightweight boat.

You will have 2 years warrenty on this boat

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Weight in kg.3.0000

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