Activator Mix 1kg

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Use it with the NB PRO Activator press system, to make sticks with no use of pva. This mix can also be used as method mix, groundbait, stickmix or bagmix.

We give it the name activator, because as the name suggests, its very active. The mix includes all the active ingredients used in the boilies we produce with an even higher level in this mix.  

A special Activator liquid containing a complex mix of ingredients will help to activate it and also stick together when making the sticks. We strongly recommend using the special designed liquid together with this mix. This will insure the optimal effect.

Once you combined the mix and the liquid, the mix becomes active and sending out strong food signals to the carp in a large area and will keep doing that for a long time.

We do not recommend the inclusion of any other flavour or attractors to be added. This can stop the active ingredients and the effectiveness of the mix itself. Only other liquids that can be used are natural things like Bloodworm extract, Tigernut juice, Aminol and so on. 

Choose the variant below to match the bait fishing with.

They are made to cover all amino acids and food signals coming from out baits already. 


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