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We offer all our UK customers the option of having there favorite baits delivered direct to any venue they will be fishing in Europe.

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About Northern Baits

Brian Westergaard is a very keen angler and bringing a wealth of knowledge into the business from both a business point of view and most certainly from his many years of carp angling and producing baits. The company is based in Denmark where it produces and supplies Brian's recipes to anglers all over Europe. All products are produced in high quality  using only the best possible quality ingredients from the best Danish and European companies.

Northern Baits source directly from the famous great mills of Denmark, who supply with the highest-grade flours, meals and proteins in the world. Also using top end European and International flavor houses, sourcing some of the highest quality ingredients ever used in bait, all kind of special things, like advanced digestion ingredeints for carp, to feed stimulators that have never been used in the industry. We drive the brand daily aiming to bring you, the angler, very high quality bait at affordable prices.

NB PRO Tackle are of the same high standards and the highest possible quality on the market. Specially the hooks are something special.

We're a company driven by an angler that thrives on quality, not only for the carp but also for the employees and customers. Customer service it our goal every day!

We work closely with many fieldtesters all over Europe, who help us grow and stay fresh and on top of things at all times.

Thousands of testing hours on lakes and rivers across Europe have documented again and again, our quality makes a difference. We are constantly working to raise this level to unprecedented heights. Anglers are now starting to become more and more aware about the nutritional value of the bait they use. That's where Northern Baits come into the picture. Try us and don't look back.

If you want to see and talk to other anglers, look for some of our social media groups and sites.

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Facebook (search for Northern Baits ) or follow these:

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