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Krillers Particle Mix - 2 ltr

Krillers Particle Mix - 2 ltr

The Krillers Partical Mix is a very subtle, krilly smelling blend of seeds, that are perfectly preserved with a unique liquid preservative. 100% pva bag friendly, every seed is cooked to perfection yet comes in a totally unique dry state so to speak but perfectly cooked and fresh. The preservatives we use do not damage the nature of the seeds in any way, giving you the perfect seed mix. The Krillers blend contains, 10% Hemp, 10% Tiger Nuts, 40% Wheat & 40% Maize plus a Liquid Krill hydrolysate. Can be used in PVA.
Price if you buy: 1 piece(s)
10,00  EUR
Price if you buy: 6 piece(s)
7,50  EUR